Instructions for authors (authors whose native language is not Japanese)

1. JJCRS invites submission of original articles, brief reports, case reports, and review articles. Please write all manuscripts in English. For original articles, the main text must be 3,000 words or less (excluding figures and tables and the references section), there must be 10 figures and tables or less, and there must be 40 references or less. For brief reports and case reports, the main text must be 1,500 words or less (excluding figures and tables and the references section), there must be 5 figures and tables or less, and there must be 20 references or less. For review articles, the main text must be 4,000 words or less (excluding figures and tables and the references section), there must be 20 figures and tables or less, and there must be 50 references or less. Please include an abstract of no more than 200 words with all manuscripts.

2. Author information file

Please record the category of the manuscript (original article, brief report, case report, or review article), article title, all of the author names, their job titles, academic credentials, and affiliations; the name, affiliation, zip code, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the corresponding author; conflicts of interest; acknowledgments; the number of files being sent; and the number of figures and tables in the article.

3. Manuscript file

1) Please put the page numbers on the top right corner of the pages. Write the manuscript double-spaced on A4 paper. Please do not record any information in the manuscript file that could reveal the names or affiliations of the authors.

2) Title page: please write the category of the manuscript (original article, brief report, case report, or review article), article title and a running title of 50 characters or less, including spaces, on this page.

3) Abstract page: please append an abstract of no more than 200 words and 5 or less key words on this page. Please divide the abstract for original articles and brief reports into Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion(s) (structured abstract).

4) Main text: please divide the main text into chapters in the following order: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.

5) References: please list the references in the order they are cited in the manuscript. Please use the abbreviations of the names of journals given in the Index Medicus. When citing references in the main text, write them like this: [1], [2].

Within 6 authors

Sonoda S, Saitoh E, Nagai S, Kawakita M, Kanada Y. Full-time integrated treatment program, a new system for stroke rehabilitation in Japan: comparison with conventional rehabilitation. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2004; 83: 88-93.

More than 6 authors

Sugiyama K, Kondo T, Oouchida Y, Suzukamo Y, Higano S, Endo M, et al. Clinical utility of diffusion tensor imaging for evaluating patients with diffuse axonal injury and cognitive disorders in the chronic stage. J Neurotrauma 2009; 26: 1879-90.

Article not in English

Ishikawa M. Sub-acute rehabilitation hospital--merits of in-patient care. Nippon Rinsho 2006: 64 Suppl 7: 774-7. Japanese.


Palmer JB, Monahan DM, Matsuo K. Rehabilitation of patients with swallowing disorders. In: Braddom RL, editor. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 3rd ed. Philadelphia: Saunders Elsevier; 2007. p. 597-616.

Article on the Internet

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Sample References. Available from: (cited 2010 May 16).

6) Figure legends: if figures are included in the article, please add the explanations at the end of the manuscript.

4. Figures file

This can be in black and white or in color. Please number the figures in the order they are cited.

5. Tables file

Please put all of the tables together in one file and number them in the order they are cited. This can be in black and white or in color.

6. Submission Consent Form

Download the Submission Consent Form from the Web site, tick the applicable boxes, sign the form in your own handwriting, and send it to us. If you are having difficulty sending the Submission Consent Form by e-mail, please send it by fax to +81-3-3817-5830.

7. Others

1) Please prepare your manuscript with reference to the format of articles published recently in JJCRS.

2) Use Arabic numerals. Quantities must be in MKS (CGS) units.

8. Submission of the manuscript

Please send the author information file, manuscript file, figures file, tables file, and Submission Consent Form file as e-mail attachments from the e-mail address of the corresponding author to the address below. Include the initials of the lead author and then, authors, text, figures, tables, submission in that order in the file name. We recommend PDF file format, but we will also accept Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and jpeg format. The total size of the files must be 8 MB or less. If the total file size is too large, you can send the files separately. Please make the subject line of the e-mail read as "JJCRS submission." As soon as we have confirmed that we have received all of the files, including the Submission Consent Form, we will commence the examination of the article.

The e-mail address to send the articles to and for making inquiries is

9. Resubmission

If the editorial committee requests a revision of the article, please resubmit the revised manuscript within 90 days. If this deadline is not met, the article will be treated as a newly submitted article.

10. Rapid judgment
Please use the rapid judgment service if you need your article to be judged quickly. In this case, the results of the review will be sent to the authors within 3 weeks of receipt of the article. The rapid judgment fee for accepted and rejected articles is 50,000 yen and 20,000 yen, respectively.

11. Publishing fee

Please pay a flat fee of 30,000 yen for each accepted article plus 5,000 yen per page of the published article. However, if the lead author's hospital is affiliated to the Kaifukuki Rehabilitation Ward Association, the charge will be reduced by 20%. In addition, if the lead author is a member of the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JSDR) and the submitted article treats dysphagia rehabilitation, the charge will also be reduced by 20%. Therefore, the charge may be discounted by 40%. The publishing fee will be charged at the time of the page proofs.

12. Printed copies

Copies of the article can be printed for those authors who want them, with the costs of the printing covered by the authors. Please apply at the time of the page proofs.



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